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Are you wondering where your man went - that wonderful man who swept you off your feet?
Is it painful to remember a time when you felt deeply in love? Does it hurt to recognize the romance, connection and affection that you once had is becoming a distant memory?
Do you feel unheard, unappreciated, exhausted or confused?
Are you feeling discouraged, fed-up or just plain irritated by everything he does?
Are your arguments becoming more commonplace or more hostile?
Seriously, have you ever contemplated the question “Do I stay or do I go?”
If so you are not alone. For a start you’re like the thousands of women I’ve worked with over the years.


Instead I invite you to recognize that men and women are wired differently and that the woman or the feminine energy partner,  has the innate capacity to be the one who completely sets the tone for the whole relationship. Everything revolves around her! All she needs to do is unlearn the lessons (or break the bad habits), from the unsuccessful model for how to love that most of us were taught, and to replace it with one that allows us to be much truer to the essence of what it really means to be a woman. To reconnect with the intrinsically loving, nurturing and wise 'Divine Feminine', that's present in us all. In doing so we awaken the Hero Instinct in our partners – that which is innate in all good men. Here at the Academy of Lasting Love, having it ALL is not a myth, it's a choice.


See what participants have to say about the Course:

Transformation not just information.

It was very important you receive the most holistic and cutting-edge information about how to either turn your relationship into a soulmate relationship, or feel confident about ending it.

However, you can have all the information in the world and still not change!  Nikki created exercises and homework based on what has caused effective change both in the couples she’s worked with over 25 years, and the changes she and her husband had to make in themselves, that turned their against-the-odds 10 year marriage into the soulmate relationship it is today. But don’t just take her word for it, watch this video to see whether the ladies who look her course felt they had changed too.


In Terms of Time and Money is the Course Good Value?

It’s was really important to Nikki that she developed a way that everyone could afford to improve their relationship, not just those fortunate enough to be able to afford therapy or to participate in the more expensive live course. This is why she’s offering this version where it’s all pre-recorded but you can ask questions via The Course Facebook Group. She’s gone the extra mile by creating a payment plan too. Here what those who have already taken the course think about its value:

What’s Nikki like to work with.

Research shows that a successful outcome in therapy is highly correlated to whether the client feels confident in, and connected to, their therapist. That’s probably also the case regarding the developer and facilitator of a course, especially one that takes you on such a deep dive into intimate and vulnerable subjects. Find out what Nikki is like to work with, from some of the ladies who already have:

What to expect in terms of Content?

Everyone who listened to the sessions and did the exercises and homework, felt both themselves and their relationships had transformed - that’s 100% success rate!

In this video you can hear more specifically about how that happened for them, as the course content is described in better detail by some of the participants.

Ideas about how the course was Structured.

Taking into account how valuable your time is, it was very important to Nikki that she create a course that’s both as efficient and effective as possible, let’s see what the ladies thought about how it was structured and whether she achieved those goals.


Better than Therapy?

Nikki recommends that all ladies who come to see her for therapy take this course, as it’ll super-charge their insight and growth as quickly and affordably as possible. The fact that it’s so structured ensures nothing is missed out, and they have all the transformational exercises and homework they need! That way they’ll need fewer sessions and time in session isn’t wasted on all the theory.

When asked how this course compared to the therapy they already had (and that therapy wasn’t with Nikki by the way), this is what graduates had to say:

Who is this course for?

While the ladies who benefited from this course ranged from those not in a relationship, to those having already left once, or are just about ready to leave, and even those who were still very much in love but had somehow lost their connection and mojo, you need to be willing to do certain things in order to be successful.

So that you don’t waste your time and money buying this course if that’s not possible for you, a few of the ladies spell it out in this video:


*In order to make this highly acclaimed course affordable for everyone during this difficult time, I’m offering it as a recorded version. Financing is available.

OK, I’m serious about improving my relationship now, I want to take the course now.  

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*Please note, your investment in this pre-recorded course is less than 1 Couple's Therapy session with Nikki


Hello, I’m Nikki Green, I'm a psychotherapist, sexual/marital therapist and an affairs expert with nearly 25 years of experience working with couples, and I have some very good news for you:

It really is possible to turn that relationship that feels like a pile of burnt-out embers into the brightly burning phoenix of your soul-mate relationship. One in which you feel alive, appreciated, cherished and safe.   

Sure, I can certainly show you how to do it, but the best news is; I can show you how to do it by yourself! Yes you read that correctly - you don’t need your partner to come into therapy, take a course or even read a book, (although after we’ve worked together he’ll probably be a lot more amenable to it).
I’m not going to ask you to do anything that isn’t backed by research, hasn’t worked for countless other women I’ve worked with, and that I haven’t benefitted from first-hand in creating my own soul-mate relationship.
Research shows that at least 80% of women have some level of dissatisfaction in their relationships. It’s hardly surprising as we’re in the unprecedented situation in which the Love-Relationship Blueprint passed onto us is totally obsolete; it’s failing us miserably.
Most of us saw it fail to serve our mothers and grandmothers who tried to use it to negotiate the imbalance of power both at home and at work. They endeavored to lead the way for generations of career women, yet also act as role models for how to have a fulfilling love relationship. It really was a case of the blind leading the blind. For the first time in history an economic power shift allowed women to pair-up for love rather than through necessity, BUT WE NEVER RECEIVED THE TRAINING TO MAKE THIS WORK.
My generation’s use of that deficient model (inevitably passed down to us by our mothers), has led to an alarming divorce rate of 50%+ and a predilection for infidelity that has understandably destroyed both our own faith, but also sadly the faith of our children. Have they in turn become, for the most part, a generation of commitment-phoebes, determined not to make the same mess out of their relationships that we did, by either not having one or having several at the same time? Is polyamory (which is becoming more popular among the younger generation) their hopeful yet misguided solution to the seemingly impossible task of making a relationship work?
I don’t want to put any pressure on you ladies but I’m not exaggerating when I say the future happiness of humanity depends on us completely redefining and redesigning the modern Love-Relationship Blueprint, so that we can be informed enough to be happy ourselves, and advise our children well.
The good news is we are in a great position to do just that. Today we are so fortunate to be able to call on decades worth of insightful research – not only the vital research into the secrets of happy, long-term couples, but also from other fields like human sexuality, success, motivation, satisfaction, learning and neuroscience; all of which I’ve drawn on in both my work with couples and the creation of this course.
I totally understand how you may believe the main problem in your relationship is caused by your partner’s unsupportive ambivalence, his inability to listen or understand you, or his unwillingness to change. There was a time when I completely believed that too - I’ve certainly witnessed enough of that behavior in my work and in my own past relationships. However, backed by volumes of research, seeing it in action countless times with clients, and having put it into action myself, the empowering truth is; AS A WOMAN YOU HAVE THE POWER TO SINGLE-HANDEDLY CHANGE THE DYNAMIC OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP!
Yes you heard me right, I said single-handedly! A relationship is a dynamic system, with both partners constantly reacting to the other. Change the way one relates and you’ll totally change the system.
You may at this point either be skeptical, especially if you’ve tried working on your relationship and he either wouldn’t or couldn’t do the work or even see it was necessary. Or you may be thinking “well why the heck is it all up to me?”


“We just need to learn, and begin to use, the tools that will enable us to do this. We can finally have the deeply loving and fulfilling relationship we've always dreamt about - many of us with our current partner!”

You’ll know whether you need these tools if you ever:

  • Lay awake at night worrying about your relationship and your future.
  • Feel like you’ve been clear about your needs but they’re just getting ignored.
  • Ache for more romance and passion but feel hopeless about how to get it.
  • Feel empty and exhausted due to your over-functioning and over-giving.
  • Worry that you care more about the relationship than he does.
  • Wish he would help more around the house.
  • End up in the same fights over and over.
  • Wonder how you both became so critical.
  • Question where your (or his or both of your) sex drive went.
  • Don’t feel supported in your personal goals.
  • Wonder how you’ve turned into such a nag.
  • Question if you are really meant to be together after all…
If you answered yes to any of these questions this course is for you.

Course Breakdown

So I’ve realized that there are 4 areas that you need to focus on to get really clear about, and to concentrate your effort around in order to become a really skilled and inspiring partner. 

For simplicity’s sake I’m just using a heterosexual model here, but the same solutions apply for all predominantly feminine energy partners.
First you’ve got to learn how to EMPOWER yourself before you can help the relationship; when I say empower I mean to give yourself power, to act from that strong, loving, intuitive, feminine-power-centric part of you.
As you become more empowered, the next area you need to focus on in order to create your lasting love relationship is how to ENLIGHTEN yourself about how men really work.

To create a love that lasts you also need to learn how to ENGAGE him. How to talk to him so you can stay connected and problem solve productively.

So it’s only after you’ve learned to do these first three steps that you can then ESTABLISH whether or not you’re with the right man.

"Working with Nikki helped me see relationships in a way that I would never ever have imagined. My husband had gone with me to another therapist a few years before but refused to get help with me this time. I was at my wits end and ready to leave him when I phoned Nikki. She told me she could help me turn my relationship around without him needing to come in.

The new perspective and tools she gave me have had the most amazing results and helped me turn my frustrating man into my soulmate - seriously, that same man I nearly left in disgust four years ago now dotes on me and makes me happier than I'd ever thought possible.

When I heard she was creating a course I jumped at the chance to say take it, you'll be so glad you did!"

Jenna, Hong Kong.


"Nikki is someone who really helped me change my whole perspective of life and relationships. She is also not only a skilled therapist but she is fun and it feels like I'm talking with a real friend. I am in a very good place in my life and I really thank her for that!!!"

Gabriela, Hong Kong.


"I have recently celebrated a very happy 19th Wedding Anniversary and I can categorically say that without Nikki's skillful and caring help I would not still be married today."

Ellen, Hong Kong


"Nikki did some Skype group coaching with me and some of my friends. We were all in either stagnant or hostile relationships and the new way she taught us to interact with our partners has made all our relationships so much better. She even helped one of us get out of a really toxic relationship and into a much happier one. We always joke when one of us has a relationship problem "What would Nikki tell us to do?" We can't thank her enough for her wisdom, her insight and her warmth."

Casey and all, Denver CO

*In order to make this highly acclaimed course affordable for everyone during this difficult time, I’m offering it as a recorded version. Financing is available.

OK, I’m serious about improving my relationship now, I want to take the course now.  

Sign Me Up - 1 time payment of £280*
Sign Me Up - 3 monthly payments of £110

*Please note, your investment in this pre-recorded course is less than 1 Couple's Therapy session with Nikki