Please note that due to her public speaking engagements, teaching her foundation course 'The Laws of Lasting Love', a heart-based, science-backed solution to changing your relationship from room-mates back to Soul-mates, and writing her book by the same name, Nikki is only able to work one on one with a select few, highly motivated couples in therapy.
She particularly enjoys the challenge of working with couples who have tried  therapy previously and it hasn't worked.
Are you surprised by:
  • How difficult it can be to talk to your partner about charged issues?
  • What a terrible place you can so quickly find yourself?
  • Or worse, do you even secretly wonder if maybe you're with the wrong person?
  • Life is short. You can have a much more joyful and productive relationship in which you can flourish and celebrate being with the right partner, the love of your life.
Nikki Green M.Ed.Psych.

is an internationally reknown psychotherapist, sexual/marital therapist, speaker and coach. 

After nearly 25 years of working with a large number of troubled couples, Nikki is an expert on affairs...

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