Is 'Happily Ever After' really just a fairytale?

We all know there are Laws of Nature, like the Law of Gravity for example, that are indisputable and unavoidable, and if we break them we will suffer the consequences.

Likewise, there are laws for how to make love last, because love is a force of nature.

Not surprisingly, the Laws of Lasting Love follow the Laws of Nature, and when you obey these laws, you can create love, you can MAKE love… and when you break these laws, you BREAK love.

Here at the Academy of Lasting Love we're proud to introduce 'The Laws of Lasting Love', a heart-based, science-backed alternative to couples therapy that can help you find your way from room-mates, back to Soul-mates.

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Nikki is someone who really helped me change my whole perspective of life and relationships.
When I met her, I was going through the worst time of my life; I was married to a man who wasn’t good for me, I was depressed and I had a total lack of motivation. She helped me realise how critical I was with myself and that the more critical I was the worse I would feel.
Nikki introduced me to some really unique concepts about myself and relationships, she really helped me put it into practice and that has changed my life!!!
She is not only skilled at what she does but she is also fun and it feels like I'm talking with a real friend.

I am in a very good place in my life (I have met and married a wonderful man and just completed my masters in counselling), and I really thank her for that!!!

Gabriella Mia
PR & Marketing Manager turned Psychotherapist

I am fortunate to find Nikki because of many recommendations from other people helped by Nikki. She literally lifted me up when I am the most at need, confused, and despairing.

 She restored me with love, strengths and faith. I never imagined myself being able to grow in a tremendous way, becoming unyielding, honest and positive, and both my partner and I are impressed.

The process of working with Nikki sweeps away many prevalent dysfunctional beliefs. And it challenges the fundamental ways about how I perceive myself and love.

I would say if there is ever a thing that is lifechanging in my life so far, it would be the coaching by Nikki.

Knowing she will be launching the course about ‘The Laws of Lasting Love’, I think it would impact many others like it impacted me, as many concepts of our sessions are from the course and I personally diligently read and bookmarked the notes many times.

Hope you, whoever doubting, find Nikki and will eventually find love, strength and faith.

Data Analyst